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White Rabbit Magic is home to The Magic of James Lantiegne and White Rabbit Entertainment. For over 35 years, James has entertained audiences across the country and is now joined with his son Joshua, creating Ventura County's only fully stocked magic shop and theater. We are best known for having Ventura County's largest selection of Bicycle Playing Cards. We are family owned and operated. Check out our full selection of magic supplies, by clicking on the magic shop link. Whether you are a professional magician or just interested in magic - we have something for everyone. We also have access to some of the best magic acts in the country, so if you are looking for quality entertainment, give us a call:


White Rabbit Magic Shop prides itself in being a true magic shop. We don't flood our store with fake vomit and other assorted novelty items. We are the magic shop that caters to magicians and the people with a serious interest in learning more about the art of magic. That is why we are incredibly excited to announce we now carry Viking Magic Products in our store.


My dad has been a magician for over 35 years and is a collector of fine magic products, many of his items come from the Viking and Collector's Workshop product line. To us, Viking represents the epitome of quality magic.


We would like to extend our warmest thanks to the Robinson family for allowing us the opportunity to represent their product line in our shop. We know they are very selective in the stores they allow to carry their products and we are grateful to be in such esteemed company. Please be sure to browse our store and look for the many great products offered by Viking Manufacturing.

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